Salix Volunteer Fire Department

History of Salix Volunteer Fire & Rescue

The first minutes of the Salix Volunteer Fire Department were recorded on June 7, 1897.  The fire department started with a chemical wagon and a two-wheel hose cart.  In 1915, the Salix water system was installed which was considerable help in fighting fire.  By 1943, fire equipment consisted of a 300 gallon tank that was mounted on a trailer and pulled by car.  The Salix Commercial Club bought a siren in 1947 which was installed and wired to a local store.  In 1948, with money raised by sponsoring dances, the department purchased a 1929 truck and installed a water tank, pump and hose compartments.  Many firemen worked nights to build the truck at Jack Van Cleave’s Repair Shop.  In 1950, Liberty and Lakeport Townships organized a fire district.  A new fire truck was purchased in 1952.  In 1954, Grange Township joined and another truck was added.  The department purchased an old van and equipped it with rescue and first aid equipment in 1968.  In 1969, the three townships joined with the city to build a new fire station, city hall and community room.  The Fire and Rescue team responded to several major events such as the Tornado of 1986, Flight 232 crash in 1989, the Terra Explosion of 1994 and water tower fire of 2002 to name a few.  Under the leadership of Chief Garold Smith (1982-2010), the station was enlarged and received a new makeover in 2006.  Several community members volunteered their time to help with the remodel.  The department’s current rigs include; 2017 Spartan Toyne Pumper, 2015 Polaris Ranger, 2011 Chevy Braun Ambulance, 2011 Freightliner M-2 Equipment Truck, 1999 GMC 2000 gallon tanker, 1998 Ford F-250 Brush Truck, 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Rescue, 1994 GMC 2000 gallon tanker and 1989 International Smeal Pumper.  

Fire Department Volunteers 1954

1954 Fire Department