City Maintenance/Public Works

The City of Salix Public Works performs many duties vital to the daily operations of our city.  Listed below you will find many of the duties performed.
  • Test and monitor all water and wastewater systems for quality and proper operation
  • Mow and maintain City park and other City-owned property
  • Maintain streets, curbs and sidewalks and coordinate all maintenance activities such as grading, construction or repair
  • Maintain city signs, paint crosswalks and parking markings
  • Remove snow, ice and debris from streets as needed
  • Maintain City-owned buildings and equipment, performing general maintenance work as needed
  • Put up and maintain city decorations at appropriate times
  • Locate and make necessary arrangements for the repair and/or replacement of water and sewer mains, service lines and manholes as needed
  • Complete and file water reports to Regulatory authorities as required
  • Flush fire hydrants twice a year or as council directs
  • Schedule inspections for water tower, lift station clean outs
  • Other duties as assigned

Contact Info

Ed Colyer
City Maintenance